Are you an innovator working on getting an idea out of your skull?  A physician, a surgeon, a nurse, a bio-fabricator, a biomedical engineer or a creative type working in the shop?   Are you part of a cross-functional team at a research lab, part of an alliance or a corporate innovation program?

Are you working within an innovation program within a hospital system, a health insurance system, a health economics program or a regulatory agency?

If so, you are in the right place.

AMOI is designed for entrepreneurs and companies who are creating science and technology-based advancements to address the most pressing needs within major regulated industries.

Some of the best inventions started on a napkin, but what does it take to get the idea out of the head and onto the napkin?  It takes motivation, inspiration, and imagination.  It takes a vision and knowledge of your market landscape.

Three Critical Areas: Habits, Business, & Creativity

Benjamin’s experience has shown that the 3 most important areas for every entrepreneur and innovator are their habits, their business, and their creativity. Through customized workshops, he will delve into each one of these with precision to begin the process of forming them into a mindset playbook that will propel you forward.

Benjamin’s A Matter of Diagnosing Innovation is the foundation of this mindset. It is designed as a dynamic framework which focuses on the hard questions that need to be asked about the three critically important areas crucial to your success.

  • You will refine and learn new habits in the 5 Habits of Perpetual Innovation
  • You will gain a better understanding of your business in the work within 6 Steps from Ideas to Scale.
  • Finally, and most importantly, you will learn how to accept and grow from feedback and how to get back up after a fall, newly armed with your understanding and implementation of the Three Phases of Creative Resiliency.

The AMOI Toolset

Translation is the movement from ideas to products and from products to market at scale. Importantly, these products require focused efforts to fulfill customer needs within specific markets.

Many advanced technical-science-engineering based innovations and digital health advancements languish in translation.

That’s where the AMOI Toolset can help.

The AMOI Toolset provides frameworks, tools, models, and techniques based on more than two decades of Benjamin’s experience in Silicon Valley and US innovation ecosystems. These bespoke frameworks, tools, models, and techniques are forged with the single purpose of guiding multidisciplinary teams to common purpose while capitalizing on their strengths for the execution of a common objective.

The Results

Through 1-on-1 bespoke coaching, Benjamin will tailor sessions to your specific needs and challenges of your project, product, or organization. Whether this is done through small workshops or large working group sessions, the result is a solid mindset playbook by which you and your team will create, restore, build, and reinforce trust and transparency within your organization.

With this mindset playbook, you and your organization will have clarity and repeatable process for tackling the disciplines needed for continued success – both in people and product:

  • Leadership tools
  • Communication tools
  • Perspective Changing Workshops
  • Cutting Talent Acquisition
  • Expert Product Evaluation
  • Overcoming the Creative Block
  • Overcoming Internal and External Obstacles
  • Intellectual Property Valuation and Protection


“My military experience and work with cross-discipline teams has taught me this truth: The best performing teams are the ones in which every member is valued; every member knows and executes a role; every member’s role is appropriately suited to capability, training, and experience; and every member is motivated to execute that role in support of the mission.

Better cross-discipline teams mean more ideas, commercialized well– that will bring a future full of innovations and ever grander ideas from you and your teams.

And then – we’re on our way to making the world a better place.

One idea at a time.

One team at a time.

One company at a time.

One industry at a time.”